Networking Interview Questions

Listed below are the fundamental interview questions for the community directors, system directors and IT supervisor posts. These questions present the fundamental details about the community communication know-how, community topologies, community troubleshooting methods, community units and the fundamental overview of the LAN – WAN communication mannequin.What’s DHCP?DHCP stands for Dynamic Host Configuration Know-how. The essential function of the DHCP is to assign the IP addresses and the opposite community configuration resembling DNS, Gateway and different community settings to the consumer computer systems. DHCP reduces the executive job of manually assigning the IP addresses to the big variety of the computer systems in a community.What’s DNS and the way it works?DNS stands for Area identify system and it interprets (converts) the host identify into the IP deal with and IP deal with into to the host identify. Each area and the pc on the web is assigned a singular IP deal with. The communication on the web and within the community is predicated on the IP addresses. IP addresses are on this format,, and so forth. IP addresses cannot be remembered however the host names are simple to recollect as an alternative of their IP addresses.What’s a Firewall?Firewall is a protecting boundary for a community and it prevents the unauthorized entry to a community. A lot of the Home windows working system resembling Home windows XP Skilled has built-in firewall utilities. There are the big variety of the third occasion firewall software program and the fundamental function of all of the firewall software program and {hardware} is identical i.e. to dam the unauthorized person entry to a community.What’s WAN?WAN stands for broad space community and it covers the broader geographical space. Principally there are three sorts of a pc community LAN (Native Space Community), MAN (Metropolitan Space Community) and WAN (Broad Space Community). The communication in a WAN is predicated on the Routers. A WAN community can cowl a metropolis, nation or continents.Outline VOIP Communication TechnologyVOIP stands for Voice over IP and this know-how is used for transmitted the voice over the IP based mostly lengthy distance community to make telephone calls. VOIP telephone calls are very low-cost and a lot of the company places of work and residential customers are utilizing VOIP know-how to make lengthy distance telephone calls.What’s Wi Max Know-how?Wi Max is a wi-fi broadband know-how and it’s a advance form of the Wi Fi (which was a base band know-how). Wi Max helps information, video and audio communication on the identical time at a really excessive velocity as much as 70 Mbps.Outline Community GatewayNetwork Gateway will be software program or a {hardware}. A gateway is often a becoming a member of level in a community i.e. it connects two networks. A pc with two LAN playing cards can act as a gateway.

What’s a Router?A router routes the site visitors to its vacation spot based mostly on the supply and vacation spot IP addresses, that are positioned within the routing software program often called routing desk.How Fiber Optic Cable WorksFiber optics offers the quickest communication medium for information and voice. Knowledge can journey on the velocity of sunshine by means of the fiber optic cables. ISPs and company places of work are often linked with one another with the fiber optic cables to supply excessive velocity connectivity.What’s File Server?A file server is a pc in a community that authenticates the person entry in a community resembling Home windows 2000/2003 Servers.Outline Seven Layers of OSI ModelThere are seven layers of the OSI mannequin. The essential function of those layers is to grasp the communication system and information transmission steps. The seven layers are Utility, Presentation, Session, Transport, Community, Knowledge Hyperlink and Bodily. You’ll be able to keep in mind the identify of those layers by this phrase. “All people seems to need data processing”.Outline GSM TechnologyGSM is a brief vary wi-fi know-how and is often used within the cell phones, hand assist units, MP3 gamers, Laptops, computer systems and in automobiles.