Few Tips to Remember When You Carry Your Reusable Bags for Shopping

It is important to bring certain changes in our life to make sure that whatever action we take will protect our environment. We must try to reduce the usage of those plastic bags which are not made from recyclable materials. If you have plastic bags at your home lying unused then send them to any recycling center.  Also, try to use various go-green and reusable bags which are available in many different designs and styles.

Plastic pollution is a problem. Plastic bags are an example. Fivegyres report there are 5 trillion plastic bags produced each year by global manufacturers, with only 1% recycled. plastics don’t get recycled. Instead of being reused over and over, they end up at our landfills and in our waterways . There, they can be inhaled by wildlife and then end up in the food chain. Plastics impact our health and environment from the moment they are produced to the moment they are disposed of. However, you can take steps now to reduce harmful plastic pollution.

It’s great that many retailers already encourage their customers to bring their own reusable bags. They offer discounts and other incentives. Reusable bags are more durable than plastic bags and can hold more groceries than one single bag. It’s much easier to bring all your groceries home from a big shopping trip in a reusable bag.

It is fine to have such bags at home but it is really challenging to remember to carry them when you go for shopping of any grocery items from the market. Therefore, in this small write-up we will provide few tips that will help you remember carry them if you are going to Custom Order Full Color Printed Bags.

  1. Large selection of bags

When you have good number of bags then it is easier to remember which bags to choose when you go for shopping. If you have a number of bags then you also have strategic places to keep them so that it is easy to remember. Now the question is how to decide the strategic places?

  1. Strategic placement

Most favorite place to store these bags are in kitchen cupboards or on a hook or basket that is available near your front door. Another place can be in the center console or near the seat of the car. Some of you may even prefer to keep it inside the purse or any other convenient place that you can notice when you go shopping.

  1. Make it a habit

You just need about 21 days to make a certain thing as your habit and hence let us apply the same rule in case of shopping bags too. Remember to carry your shopping bags with little more determination and discipline. You may do the following things if you forget to carry the, –

  1. Buy more green bags
  2. Come back home which may be a bit inconvenient but you will not forget next time
  1. Buy smaller bags

You can prefer to buy few bags that can be easily be folded into your purse or in your pocket.

  1. Put bag on top of the shopping list

Till it becomes your habit you must continue to put the shopping bag on top of your shopping list.

  1. Set alarm

You may set an alarm on your smartphone when you are about to go for shopping which will remind you to take the bags.

  1. Personalize the bag

You may either sew your name or paste your picture or even put your old T-shirt for you to remember.

  1. Involve your family

If you have kids then tell them why you want to carry that bag and give them the responsibility to remind you and award them for doing that.

  1. Make this habit for all kind of shopping

Not only for grocery shopping but for any kind of shopping make it a habit to carry such bags.