LoadTest Features: Protecting a Website from Extreme Traffic

Websites differ greatly when it comes to their loading times. People who are using desktop computers may sometimes find it hard to load a website because of the huge number of scripts, and too much loading time would cause someone to leave the site immediately. On the other hand, mobile browsers could load websites in a shorter period of time because the scripts are limited or totally absent. There are companies that allow website owners to decrease their loading time and protect them from outage when huge traffic approaches. These companies, like Apica Systems, conduct a load test feature which allows programmers to check how long the loading time could get and create a runaround that would make its loading time faster. For those who will be using the program for the first time, they would only need to follow the instructions indicated on the program, but if they wanted to get assistance from IT professionals, they could do so and see how they would run the system.

The core features of a load test software program would be the measurement of the impact of a huge loading time on the website and creating a way to reduce it while still being under the peak hours – a time when more people are visiting the website. The software program could also test the loading time of mobile applications, and measure its performance based on how long it could load on screen. These programs also allow its users to see from a global perspective and control how the bandwidth will be distributed to millions of users around the world and see how it could affect your website. For software developers, their programs could also go under a test run so that they can see how a huge traffic could affect it, and what measures are needed to be taken to address the issue that could come with it.

Another thing that clients love about the load test programs would be its capability to produce a real-time stream of how the browsing looked, taking up screenshots if there will be issues that will be discovered along the way. Businesses are relying on this application to increase the traffic on their websites, while at the same time, controlling its impact to the loading time. They are also targeting a quick loading time to avoid losing their visitors.

When the load test ends, there will be a comprehensive result that will be sent to the owner of the network or the website, reporting why it runs slowly or quickly, and how fast the loading time is on different computer systems or mobile devices. A feedback will also be given to the network or website owner, suggesting things that they can do to avoid any similar problems in the future. Comparison reports might also be handed over, to give the network and website owner an idea about how other systems are coping with huge traffic and how they could still maintain a quick loading time. The result would not only boost the traffic on your website, but new visitors would also be coming in as well.