The Impacts of Blue Light

Blue light can be beneficial to the human body if it is the right time of the day. However, when exposed to blue light at night, the health of an individual can be greatly impacted. There are simple ways a person can reduce their exposure to blue light during the wrong hours of the day. This article we will look at the effects blue light has on the body and how someone can reduce blue light exposure.

What Does Blue light do to the Body

Blue light has an array of effects upon the body. To begin, improper balance or night exposure to blue light can significantly reduce the quality of sleep an individual gets each night. Exposure to blue light at night is not natural. Blue light signals the portion of the brain that tells us we should be awake. As you can imagine, this is not an idea situation at night.

The body is naturally tuned to an internal clock and is also linked with nature. In the morning, blue light from the sun wakes us up. However, with the advancement of technology and the exposure to phones, computers and television screens, we are now surrounded by constant blue light. Find out more about blue light and it’s interactions with the human body and mind by looking here.

Are There Any Benefits to Blue Light?

There are in fact benefits to blue light exposure. Some of these benefits include:

  • Boosts alertness.
  • Regulation of the circadian rhythm.
  • Limited sunlight reduces the eyes and vision in children.

You can read about the benefits of blue light exposure and the color spectrum by following this link.

So, What Can I do to Limit my Blue Light Exposure?

There are many steps you can take to limit your blue light exposure. While some blue light can be beneficial, it is important that you expose yourself and your children at the appropriate time. Exposing yourself to blue light during the day is the correct time to do so. Here are some things you can do to limit your exposure to blue light.

  • Turn off the television, phones and computers at night.
  • Go to sleep when the sun goes down
  • Purchase blue blocking lenses
  • Add a filter to your phone

Sleep controls various functions in our body. If our sleep is damaged due to our exposure to blue light, an abundance of functions in our bodies are also affected. Sleep controls the hormonal structure and balance in our bodies. These hormonal functions control most of the way we manage our sugar levels, sexual function and various other things. When this balance is disrupted we are left with an array of health conditions.

It is essential that we educate ourselves on the importance of balance, even in terms of the light spectrum. Always remember to keep a delicate balance of sleep, diet and light exposure.